Instructions on high oil pressure of diesel engine

Instructions on high oil pressure of diesel engine查看

Rescue of people undergoing electric shock  

1. Rescue the shock Warning ★ ! Before the power cut off, not bare hand contact with electric injured leather suit. ● In the possible case, cut off the power supply. ● or pull the plug or pull the wires from the injured body. ● If 查看


The generator without equipment to reduce noise is provided outside, will produce 105dBA noise, continued exposure in excess of 85dBA noise level, will damage the auditory. Warning ★ !When the operation of the machine or the machine around 查看


fuel, oil, cooling liquids, lubricants and battery electrolyte all are industrial use, however, such as the use and handling of improper toxic to the body. Warning ★ ! Do not swallow or skin contact with fuel, oil, coolant, lubricants or battery e查看


The generator has a protective cover on the protection of moving parts. But the people who work in the running machine, must be careful to pay attention to a variety of activities in the mechanical part of the possible danger of the individual. Warni查看

Fire and explosion

Generator for use in fuel and exhaust smoke is flammable and potentially explosive. Careful handling of these substances can nip in the bud. At the same time, room should ensure that there is already filled with CO2 and dry powder extinguishing devic查看