Turning on / off of the diesel generator  

A. manual test machine The generator manually start: first test the alarm system , the control switch is in manual (MAN) position, the generator can start own. Generators parking: control switch of position to stop (STOP) or pressing the red emerge查看

General descriptions  

This machine is very safe under normal operation, avoid problems in the installation, use and maintenance process, please note the following, in order to avoid accidents. But it is impossible to anticipate all environmental precautions listed in this 查看

Battery descriptions and maintenance

The principle of a battery 1.1 General description: The battery is a combination of many battery individual, including many sheet metal, is immersed in the conductive liquid. The generated electrical energy from a chemical reaction in the battery, t查看

What is the condition of the two generating units p

What is the condition of the two generating units parallel working? What device request to work? By what means to finish and machine work?查看

Descriptions of control system and troubleshooting

1. Control system description and identification methods 1.1 Description: A design of advanced electronic control system to control and monitor the machine mounted on the generator. According to the needs of several different generator and is equipp查看

Descriptions of AC generator and its mainte

1 description of an AC generator 1.1 General: AC generator is mounted on the generator the brushless excitation magnet type, so that maintenance of the slip rings and brushes can be omitted. The control system includes an automatic voltage regula查看